My research broadly falls under two areas:

  • Distributed Multi-Robot Coordination using Gaussian Belief Propagation (GBP).
  • Monocular Visual Odometry using RGB data for Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM).


  1. uareme.gif
    U-ARE-ME: Uncertainty-Aware Rotation Estimation in Manhattan Environments
    Aalok Patwardhan, Callum Rhodes, Gwangbin Bae, and 1 more author
  2. gbpstack.gif
    A Distributed Multi-Robot Framework for Exploration, Information Acquisition and Consensus (ICRA 2024)
    Aalok Patwardhan, and Andrew J. Davison


  1. gbpplanner.gif
    Distributing Collaborative Multi-Robot Planning With Gaussian Belief Propagation
    Aalok Patwardhan, Riku Murai, and Andrew J. Davison
    IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 2023
  2. swarmformations.gif
    Distributed Formation Planning for Robot Swarms
    Aalok Patwardhan
    In Workshop on Distributed Graph Algorithms for Robotics at ICRA, 2023